OSRS Infernal Cape – Everything You Need To Know

The Infernal Cape is one of the most difficult pieces of equipment in OSRS to obtain, and it makes sense why. The trials you must face are some of the toughest Runescape has thrown at players– so tough that only those with a well-earned pride can wear this item without feeling intimidated by its power.

But for all these challenges, an infernal cape will fetch you one thing: money! Especially if you plan on selling your Old School RuneScape account.

The infernal cape is a true badge of honor for those who have faced the incredibly difficult Inferno mini-game. Aside from its prestige, this cape’s rather remarkable stats are nothing to be ignored. With a +4 melee bonus across the board in stab, slash, and crush damage, it rivals other top-tier OSRS items with high overall bonuses as one of the best offensive capes in RuneScape. With a +12 across every category of defense, it’s considered by many to be the best cape in the game.

The infernal cape is the most iconic and sought-after item in Old School RuneScape. It’s a fire decal, so of course, it’s sick as hell! This particular model of this Cape has an animated texture that can only be found on one other piece of gear: the Fire Cape.

The OSRS Infernal Cape is a coveted non-tradable reward given for the completion of Inferno, a solo minigame where players must face waves and waves of enemies without any rest. It can be difficult to survive with no help in sight but when you do beat this challenge, your efforts will be rewarded with an item that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

The first 68 waves of the fight are truly arduous, each wave difficult in its own right but the task as a whole becomes a grueling fight to the absolute last. But just when you think you have reached your limit and can handle no more then it seems like all hope is lost because there’s one final wave left – TzKal-Zuk!

TzKal-Zuk is considered one of the hardest bosses in-game, not only because they must be fought solo at the end after massive flow on enemies but also due to attack patterns that make them seem almost unbeatable.

TzKal-Zuk is a difficult boss to defeat, but not impossible. For the entirety of the fight, TzKal-Zuk will be on top of some platforms separate from you and completely out of melee range so it’s important that you rely on ranged or magic attacks (such as toxic blowgun) when going up against him. When fighting other opponents during this battle with Armadyl crossbow for long-distance fights and twisted bow for close combat battles, with enough OSRS gold you can get these top-tier OSRS items right away.

This boss will spawn monsters to attack the shield. You must make sure that they stay away from it as if your shield is destroyed, you’ll have a hard time winning this fight. Noteworthy spawns include JalTok-Jad when TzKal-Zuk falls down to 480hp and four JalMejJak when he reaches 240hp. The former monster will try and destroy the shield, so kill them ASAP; while on the other hand, the latter won’t do anything until attacked but instead focus on healing up TzKal-Zuk before returning back their attention onto him again – dealing with these first should be top priority!

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