Location Northwest | Rochdale approves Challenger’s £ 4.9 million program

CGI shows what the finished apartment plan could look like. Credit: via Merrion Strategy

08/19/2021, 10:55 am

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The Bolton-based developer will build 40 affordable homes on Rochdale Road East in Heywood.

The apartment complex was designed by B2 Architecture Limited and is located on 0.8 hectares of wasteland. There was once a car wash on the building site, which was closed in 2017. It was the location of the Eagle Mill cotton spinning mill as early as the 1870s.

The design of the project is intended to reflect the heritage of the place, using red bricks to highlight the character of the old mills.

The Challenger Building Services project includes 15 one-bedroom apartments and 25 two-bedroom apartments spread over four floors. There will also be underground parking spaces that can accommodate up to 47 cars and 40 bicycles. A community garden is created on the substructure.

Challenger executive director Richard Hutchinson said he felt that community development would help.

“The market in cities like Heywood is often underserved and developers are focused on what they perceive as ‘hot spots’,” said Hutchinson. “We see great opportunities in stable communities like this one and are excited to add value to Heywood.”

Approval from the council is contingent on the program entering into a Section 106 agreement providing a financial contribution of £ 61,969 to a formal sports area in Heywood Sports Village, a public open space in Queens Park or a new allotment on Queens Park Road will.

The program’s consultants included Satplan for planning, Mode for traffic planning, Echo Acoustics for noise assessment and SLR for air quality.

Challenger is currently in the approval phase and will also receive approval for an affordable housing estate with 35 apartments in Runcorn earlier this month.

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